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Puerto Escondido
was founded as a fishing village and a port for shipping coffee beans. The first coffee farms were founded in the 1870’s, in the area around el Cerro de Pluma, “Feather Mountain”, in the Zapotec hill country above and beyond Pochutla. By the 1930’s, coffee had become central to the economy of the indigenous Chatino communities perched high above the coast in the Southern Sierra Madre.

Puerto Escondido remains a traditional Mexico fishing village in the State of Oaxaca on the southern Mexico Pacific coast. Puerto Escondido itself did not exist as a modern town until the 1920's, when the owners of the great coffee farms in the foothills decided that the protected bay of this lovely little town made an ideal and convenient port for shippinng coffee and other products of the region. Learn more about the local coffee plantations in the Oaxacan cloud forest above Puerto Esondido.

Important News from the Washington Post: Mexico - A guide to which parts are safe to travel to, and which are dangerous. Learn that much of Mexico is considered safe for travel and tourism, including the State of Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido. The United States State Department has issued its latest Travel Advisory on Mexico and it gives a green light on travel to the state of Oaxaca. This is not news to those of us who live herein peace and tranquility, but we hope that it serves as reassurance for those concerned by the relentless bombardment of negative press. Read Complete Report.

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Puerto Escondido June News
From El Sol de la Costa

Seeing the Heart of Puerto Escondido
By Susan Lundy

Darkness has fallen but there is an almost visible aura of anticipation among the several dozen people standing in the parking lot beside the beach. As uniformed guards check our identification, the warm night air hums with the soft murmur of inter-mingling language . . Read MORE from the El Sol de la Costa.

Learn more about where to eat when visiting Puerto Escondido.

When in Puerto, it is always worthwhile to check in with Gina at the Puerto Escondido tourism booth on the Adoquin. Gina can help you with restaurants, hotels, rentals, current events, arrange city and walking tours and has answers for everything happening in Puerto Escondido.

Contact Gina: ginainpuerto@yahoo.com

El Adoquin, or pedestrian zone, is located along the Harbor beach. Shops, internet cafes, and bars are nestled in between hotels and restaurants.

Gina - The Puerto Escondido Information Goddess

Puerto Escondido Surf Sequence
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For The Birds

The fastest growing hobby in the U.S. and Europe these days is bird watching. Not really surprising, as we baby boomers slow down some. The great biodiversity of the Oaxacan Coast is just one of its many attractions, and it's a motherlode for birders. Read More

The creation of the Carretera costal (coastal highway) along the Pacific coast in the 1960's and the later paving of the highway to Oaxaca, opened the area to tourism and was the beginning of real growth in Puerto Escondido. Check Out the NEW Puerto Photo & Local News Blog for Zicatela Beach and Coastal highway contruction progress.

Puerto Escondido has grown from a small fishing village of 3,000 people to a thriving town of more than 50,000 people. This growth has been due to Puerto Escondido’s importance as a regional center for agriculture, education, commerce, fishing and tourism and has resulted in the town becoming a vibrant community rather than just a tourist destination.

Puerto Escondido retains much of it's original charm and is sometimes referred to as "The Mexico Pipeline", an internationally recognized surfing paradise and home of an annual international surf contest. Puerto is very Un-Cancun and offers a rare taste of old Mexico with some of the best beaches in Mexico. CHECK OUT THE SURF - LIVE BEACH CAM.

The Puerto Escondido Airport (airport code: PXM) is about 4km (2 1/2 miles) north of the center of town, near Playa Bacocho. Puerto Escondido is served once a day, 7 days a week, by Aeromar Airline from Mexico City airport. Viva Aerobus also offers a discounted fare two times a week. A minimum of two hours should be allowed for all connections at Mexico City airport - a daunting experience for the first time visitor. There are also direct flights from Houston to Huatulco which is about an hour and half taxi or bus ride from Puerto Escondido. Heads Up: Departing gate numbers are not posted on airport monitors until 'maybe' 30 or 45 minutes before the flight is scheduled to leave. Caution: Any flight from Mexico City can depart 20 +/- minutes prior to posted departure time.

Puerto Escondido was officially founded in 1928, and has long since been a shipping point for coffee plantations. During the 1960's, when the coast road was built, tourism began to develop and continued to increase with the opening of a small airport in the 1980s.

Puerto Escondido is also renowned for its Turtle Assistance Ecological Camp, located a few miles from the port, and The Living Museum of Sea Turtles, located on Mazunte Beach. The museum is designed to protect sea turtles and prevent extinction and displays a variety of sea turtles that inhabit Mexico's shores.

Puerto Escondido has two seasons, the summer/wet season, and the winter/dry season. With temperatures ranging from 75-95 in the summer and 65-85 in the winter, Puerto enjoys the perfect tropical climate. Sunrise enjoyers will want to bring a sweatshirt for the breezy dawns; otherwise, a wardrobe of swim suits, shorts, and t-shirts will suffice. Most important: bring sun screen and mosquito repellant for all tropical climates.

Bus transportation offers a inexpensive way to travel in Mexico. They generally run day and night. If you are able to sleep in fairly cramped surroundings, this is the way to go. Most cities in Mexico have a Primero Clase (First Class) bus station. They are comfortable and safe. Find first class Mexico bus information at Premara Plus or ADO GL.

Driving in Mexico can be as exciting as taking a bus. Make sure you have current maps and be aware that some listed paved roads are not there at all. Avoid driving between towns in the evening, stick to main highways, take short cuts at your own peril and enjoy the adventure.

Puerto Escondido